The blocks of the new overtone flute model in rainbow colours! (Design by Kirsi Vinkki / Realization and production by Kirsi Vinkki, Samuli Karjalainen & Heikki Ryynänen)


An overtone flute, also called “natural flute” or “willow flute”, is a traditional wind instrument known around the world among different cultures. From the very beginning it’s been built by using organic materials, such as bark of a willow tree, a branch or parts of pipe plants. It has a long history as a real shepherd instrument and it still invites anyone to improvise with natural scale even today!

This version of an overtone flute is side-blown block flute, as the Scandinavian overtone flutes often are. The flute consists of a long and simple tube without any tone holes, but a window, an edge, a blowing hole and a block. The length and diameter of the tube affect on the tuning and the different tones and melodies can be played by overblowing the harmonics of the open scale (with the end hole of the tube open) and the closed scale (which means the end hole of the tube can be covered by using fingers or palm) where the pitch can be regulated by amount and speed of the blowing


Overtoneflutes. Design: Kirsi Vinkki.

Now here’s colourful and washable overtone flute version available for teaching purposes and playing music! Our aim is to bring this traditional and ancient wind instrument in present time with modern ways of production. The instrument is simple for anyone to learn to create music easily – as you can blow you can play overtone flute!

Flutes can be used in different learning environments with children and adult of any age – both individually or together in a smaller or bigger group. The instrument can create imaginative soundscapes like enchanting the sound of the wind or birds’ singing. Alike it is made for improvisation as well as playing tunes or learning to play in turns in a group as several flutes (in same tuning) work well together, and what is more one can move and play at the same time!

The length and diameter of the tube affects on the tuning and sound and also different tunings are available as ordered. There are also couple of different types of tubes to choose from: 20mm / 16mm diameter tubes. Wider flute is louder and thinner flute sounds more like whistle and reaches the higher tones slightly more easily.

The materials in this new model are PVC* (tube) and PLA-3D-printing filament* (block). There are some special qualities in this version: First of all it is easy to keep clean even in use by several players, just wash it with washing-up liquid, rinse with water and wipe with disinfectant – the block piece endures even in a dishwasher in <55°C temperature! (NOTICE: When cleaning, use only temperatures lower than 55°C and check material* quality information if using any extra chemicals)! The design of the structure in the block addresses it in a right place if removed for cleaning – watch the video! No glue, surface finish nor metal parts are used in the product.


The new web store to get these overtone flutes will be opened at some point! Ask more about the instruments, tunings, availability and prices via e-mail: kirsi.vinkki@gmail.com

The overtone flutes are sold via invoice by Lilith Cooperative. The postal, currency exchange & clearance charges will be added in the price, charges are different depending on country. (For ex. the parcel to North America costs 43,90€ + customs / https://www.posti.fi/private/send/international-parcels.html)


Design by Kirsi Vinkki
Realization and production in co-operation of Kirsi Vinkki, Heikki Ryynänen & Samuli Karjalainen.

Contact via e-mail: kirsi.vinkki@gmail.com

Homepage: https://kirsivinkki.wordpress.com/overtoneflute

These overtone flutes are part of the selection of Lilith Cooperative


*** Read some more about the overtone flute (How to play, tunes, publications, links, ect…) from the inclusive overtone flute website of Finnish musician Janne Ojajärvi: https://www.overtoneflute.fi/home